Q: I've been reviewed/featured on your site.  Can I quote you in the description of my product and/or link back to your review?

A: Of course!  Including positive customer reviews and testimonials in the description of your product is a great way to build confidence in potential customers.  They love to hear what others who have already purchased your product have to say.

Q: If I send a product to be reviewed by you and you don't like it, are you going to give me a horrible review?

A: No.  I try to only put positive reviews on my site and publish about products that I really love and want to promote to others.  If you send me a product that I'm not completely satisfied with I will let you know how I felt in private and skip the public review.  I like to give sellers a chance to improve their product or customer service.  We're all in this together and improvement and support are what make us successful.