My name is Sarah and I love handmade goods.  They are so much more unique and usually better quality than generally manufactured items.  You can contact me through my contact form.

I built this site to celebrate and support the handmade community.  I love to showcase new fabulous finds and inform others of the great handmade products available.

I feel the best way to support the handmade community and sellers is to Buy Their Products and Services!  The second best way is to tell others about what great items you've found.  I feel its important and in everybody's best interest to support small businesses.  When you buy quality handmade goods, you are provided the seller with funds to continue with their creative work and to further developments with their goods.

I also love sharing so, consequently, I love doing giveaways for some of my favorite finds.

I usually find products to review/giveaway just by searching through my favorite handmade sites like etsy and artfire.  A lot of the goods I review and giveaway come out of my own pocket.  If a product has been sponsored for review or giveaway, I always let you know in the post.  I'm dedicated to the integrity of my reviews and won't promote a product as quality unless I truely feel it is.

If you want me to review/giveaway one of your handmade products, go to my Submit a Product page for more information.

If you want to know about advertising options on this site, check my Advertise/Sponsor. page.

Thanks for visiting and I hope we can all celebrate and appreciate fabulously handmade finds together!